Eleanor {first birthday!}

This little lady celebrated her very first birthday! Food and space were furnished by Maggiano's and Eleanor's two super talented aunts decorated it up the wazoo {I'm talking homemade macarons, flower arrangements, and beautiful signage!}. She reached for the ball of yarn during the doljabi which symbolizes a long, long life. Happy birthday Eleanor!

Mason {first birthday!}

Mason celebrated his very first birthday surrounded by beloved family and friends at Daedong Manor. The kiddies got their faces painted and played with balloon animals while their parents got to feast on awesome Korean food. For the doljabi Mason grabbed a golf ball and the yarn symbolizing his future athleticism and long, long life. Happy birthday little man!

Jessica+Jesse {married!}

A week ago today I spent 36 hours in LA. I had just come off of a triple shift at the hospital, packed, and made my way to JFK before returning home a day and a half later to go back to a triple shift at the hospital.

Why, you ask? The whirlwind trip was primarily to document the wedding of my dear friend Jessica to her beloved Jesse. Their sweet wedding was ripe with details+touches by family and friends from all over. The Episcopalian ceremony was one of the most unique wedding ceremonies that I had ever attended and their reception included tacos. TACOS! But the most special part for me to witness was probably the send-off, where the bride+groom's family and closest friends gathered around the couple and sang "Amazing Grace" moments before the newlyweds departed. Truly, what an amazing way to end a wedding and embark on marriage!