A walk in the park

There are lots of changes happening in my non-photography related professional life so I haven't been able to give as much love to the blog as I would have liked to. But now that the dust is somewhat settling and I have more photoshoots on the horizon {re: it's almost SUMMER!} I am very glad to be reunited with my camera. Here are some snaps of my walk in the park with mother dearest during golden hour.

Helen+Paul {married!}

Remember this lovely couple?

Helen and Paul were married on a G-U-S-T-Y spring Saturday. The wind was bananas but the couple and their boisterous wedding party were troopers and braved the chill. These two got ready at their new apartment and decided to have their first look in their cozy backyard. Then we hustled over to P.S. 41 where Helen teaches {the blue school doors added the perfect pop of color!}. The wedding ceremony and reception were held at Vivaldi Ristorante, a gorgeous venue with tons and tons of windows {and thus glorious natural sunlight!}. The whole day was filled with special details: Helen DIY-ed the centerpieces, the seating board, HER FABRIC BOUQUET, all of the boutonnieres, and the wedding favors. The sweet couple chose to write their own vows during the reception the groom serenaded his new bride with Steven Curtis Chapman's "I Will be Here." This wedding was particularly near and dear to my heart because I knew the groom since he was the tender age of twelve and I grew to love Helen ever since he introduced us over burgers. Since then my husband and I have had the privilege of walking alongside them as their relationship deepened and flourished. It was an honor to witness their union and to document their wedding day through these photographs. If I could I would post everything but I hope this snippet will do!

Bubble bath

I'm working through a wedding at the moment but felt like I haven't updated on Olivia in a while so here ya go! This was baby's first bubble bath and as you can see she was over the moon about the whole ordeal. Goodness I miss this munchkin!

Good-bye winter

It's f-i-n-a-l-l-y starting to feel like spring here in New York. I want to burn my winter coat after the treacherous snow that we've had this past season. It felt like I worked virtually every snow day too. But goshdarnit, the white fluffy sprinkle-y bits sure are pretty.