Isla Mujeres

Dave and I took a much needed vacation two weeks ago before Hurricane (or Tropical Storm?) Patricia decided to pummel across Mexico and the Southern border. We booked an insane deal at a fantastic resort on Isla Mujeres, a tiny island off of Cancun. We mostly lounged on the beach but we did get to see an outstanding sunrise on one end of the island and then amazing sunsets on the other side of the island. Dave got to watch locals fish for barracuda and we drove around the entire island on a golf cart. Feast your eyes on all the beautiful blues!

Joanne+Tim {hitched!}

I was the lucky gal that got to photograph part two of this wonderful couple's wedding celebration. I mean--come on--a park? a lake? fall foliage? food trucks? kegs of beer? giant Jenga? It's like they took all my favorite things and made a wedding bash out of them.

Joanne and Tim invited all their loved ones to their vow renewal ceremony at Great Hollow Lake at Wolfe Park, a place they frequented during their runs together. The weather could not have been any more beautiful. The sun was shining and the leaves were just starting to change color. PERFECTION! Big Green Truck Pizza served a mouthwatering assortment of brick oven pizzas, gelato, and espresso while Hapa Food Truck kept guests coming back for more Korean style tacos, furikake fries, and crispy brussel sprout salad. Guests enjoyed a variety of lawn games while I stole the couple away for portraits. The festivities concluded with both the bride and groom doing keg stands {those photographs not included, haha}. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Olivia's birth {throwback!}

I've always admired birth photography. Weddings, engagements, family photographs are all wonderful and the chance to be a part of people's lives in those ways have been incredibly rewarding. But, at least in my mind, birth photography is somewhat different--it's really intimate. So of course {with their blessing} I had to jump at the opportunity to photograph my niece being born. I didn't post my photos at the time for a lot of different reasons; to be honest the photographs are not my best work. But looking back on them I can't help my smile. My sister's strength and resolve even during the day-and-a-half of labor {ahhhhh!} was astounding as was my brother-in-law's unwavering support and encouraging words throughout the entire process. Towards the end when Olivia was actually born I was jumping around and shaking so much that the photographs came out quite blurry. Forgive me! But I hope that the anticipation and excitement of that day (and a half) as well as the pain and suffering that my sister endured while laboring are palpable through the photos. I'm so proud of my sister and I don't think there are enough words in the world to describe how thankful I am. Looking back on these I am truly, truly in awe of Olivia's growth and development and I cannot believe that this newborn is now a boisterous tot!