Helen+Paul {expecting!}

My dear, dear friends Helen and Paul are expecting their first child--a baby boy!--this fall. I've had the privilege to walk alongside them during their courtship and their marriage so I am very much looking forward to figuring out this whole parenting thing together. We spent a summer morning together at Planting Fields, a beautiful historic state park nestled in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Can't wait to meet, love on, and take photos of the little one when he arrives! 

Lavender By the Bay

Dave and I took a spontaneous trip out to Lavender By the Bay after seeing some photographs on Instagram. And boy it did not disappoint! July is definitely the best time to go and the whole field smells diviiiiiiine. It's worth the lovely drive up North Fork with all the gorgeous wineries and beautiful homes. 

Jonathan {birthday!}

Hello all, many of you will probably recognize this beautiful family that I have the the privilege of photographing over the years. The Lims' youngest son, Jonathan, just turned one year old. Family and close friends gathered at their new home to celebrate this milestone. It's so crazy to see all of the Lim children and their individual personalities develop as they grow so wonderfully. Happy first birthday Jonathan!