Kim Family Photoshoot

I first met Jean through Helen and Paul and was more than happy to take updated family photos for her. This year is extra special as it marks 30 years of marriage for her parents {whoo!}. I was grateful for everyone's enthusiasm and for allowing me to see a sliver of how goofy and adorable the whole family is together!

Ana+Sopeark {engaged}

My dear friends Ana and Sopeark are finally getting hitched after--ten--yes you heard me, I said TEN, years of dating. I would say that patience is a quality that they must share because they braved a super humid summer morning to take photos at Queens Botanical Garden. The couple kept their cool while we navigated through hoards of tai-chi practitioners, sword dancers (???), and swarms of mosquitos. Check out all the love and warmth in the photos below!

Hello Elliot! {newborn}

My nephew was supposed to be born today {Labor Day! Haha, note the pun!} but he decided to make his very quick, very grand entrance a few days early. I missed his birth but arrived on the scene just a few hours later and was able to grab a few shots of him on his first day home. Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law and his big sister Olivia! More to come later this month but I just can't get enough of his sweet face!

Helen+Paul {expecting!}

My dear, dear friends Helen and Paul are expecting their first child--a baby boy!--this fall. I've had the privilege to walk alongside them during their courtship and their marriage so I am very much looking forward to figuring out this whole parenting thing together. We spent a summer morning together at Planting Fields, a beautiful historic state park nestled in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Can't wait to meet, love on, and take photos of the little one when he arrives!