This month has flown by. It's 2015 and we are already one month down.

Work has been crazy. Albeit, work is always crazy. I'm learning a lot about myself and how I handle stress and expectations. Suffice to say that I need to do some introspection and center myself on God's Word and on prayer. Easier said than done though.

I celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday. And what a memorable one! My best friend Tracy flew in from San Francisco over the weekend to surprise me with a quick (24 hours quick!) visit. My brother came in from Maryland and surprised me for brunch at Isola. Trace and I moseyed on to Dough where we stuffed our faces with the most delectable, fluffiest, amazeballs donuts ever and then wandered around the MoMA. Side note: I don't get modern art. Moving on...#snowpocalypse2015 came and went (womp womp) and on my actual birthday my sweet husband cooked a traditional Korean birthday meal, baked chocolate cake, decorated with apartment with balloons and pictures, and gifted me with a fun new camera. I am genuinely grateful for the wonderful people in my life who have sent me warm wishes from near and far and for the few that literally went out of their way to make me feel unbelievably blessed and loved.

It has been a while since I shot a legitimate set of photos on my DSLR so please forgive me for these iphone snaps that follow. 

Olivia {100 Days}

Today we celebrated Olivia's 100 days of existence or baek-il. Back in the day the infant mortality rate was high {still is...} so a baby marking 100 days of life was a big deal. It was a small family affair complete with yummy homemade food from both grandmas and a nude photoshoot for baby {obviously}.

P.S. I'm going to try to make my next post about someone other than my niece. No promises though.

Olivia {a short visit}

My husband and I don't have any kids {yet} but we loooooove all of the babies in our lives. One special baby is obviously my one and only niece Oli {pronounced OH-lee, not ahl-lee like the skateboard move}. This past week we maximized my vacation time by spending a couple of days with my sister's family. It was particularly meaningful because my sister goes back to work tomorrow after her three-month maternity leave. I'm sure that with that comes a slew of worries both about work and home life. Of course we will be praying for her and her family as they make the transition but I thought I'd post some sweet photos of her and Oli to encourage her. As an aside, wouldn't it be awesome if we could all live in Sweden?


Fall is my favorite season of the year. It's also make-enough-kimchi-to-hold-you-over-through-the-winter season. By default {my sister has a new babe and my brother is dangerous in the kitchen} I am the one that gets to help my mom make mounds of kimchi {two boxes of napa cabbage and one box of radishes worth} to store in her ginormous kimchi fridge. I think it's funny that Koreans have kimchi fridges. I laugh now but I will probably covet one in the next five years. Anyway, my responsibilities start with scouring the weekly sales at three major Korean markets in Flushing and include all of the washing, salting, chopping, mixing, and stuffing that comes with kimchi making. I have no idea how much of what goes into what and what needs to be added to make kimchi more/less salty/spicy/sweet. Is kimchi making a dying craft? Should I be more involved and learning all of this? A part of me still believes that I'm somehow going to gain my mom's cooking skills through osmosis or something. Yep. Osmosis.