Ava+Thomas {expecting!}

Ava and Thomas are expecting their first child--a baby girl!--next month. In anticipation of the little lady's birth we decided to take maternity photos at Robert Moses State Park and Captree State Park. These high school sweethearts were absolute naturals in front of the camera; there was so much love and adoration bubbling over. I'm so grateful to have captured this exciting stage of their lives and cannot wait to meet their sweet baby girl!

Olivia {first birthday!}

My niece turns one tomorrow!

My sister and brother-in-law threw her a small party this past weekend in PA. Family came from NY, NJ, DC, Costa Rica, and Korea {crazy, eh?}. She walked towards all of the items during her doljabi but ended up selecting the mini-piano. So perhaps music is in her future?

Words cannot even begin to describe how a-m-a-z-i-n-g this past year has been. As the only baby in the family on both sides Olivia has profoundly enriched and infused our lives with abounding joy and laughter. Happy birthday beautiful girl!

Eleanor {first birthday!}

This little lady celebrated her very first birthday! Food and space were furnished by Maggiano's and Eleanor's two super talented aunts decorated it up the wazoo {I'm talking homemade macarons, flower arrangements, and beautiful signage!}. She reached for the ball of yarn during the doljabi which symbolizes a long, long life. Happy birthday Eleanor!

Mason {first birthday!}

Mason celebrated his very first birthday surrounded by beloved family and friends at Daedong Manor. The kiddies got their faces painted and played with balloon animals while their parents got to feast on awesome Korean food. For the doljabi Mason grabbed a golf ball and the yarn symbolizing his future athleticism and long, long life. Happy birthday little man!