Hello summer!

Hi friends!

If you are still reading this, man, I gotta hand it to you. I haven't updated or posted new content in over two months. I have to admit that working full-time and managing a baby did not come easy for me so unfortunately photography had to take a back seat. Serious shout out to all the first-time parents out there! I'm hoping to make a comeback this summer so please stay tuned for more content. And of course if you are looking to book a mini-session with me this summer please hit me up! And here's another totally-gratuitous-but-not-really photo of my girl.

Aven + Benjamin {newborn twins!}

Jane and Peter are dear, dear friends of ours and we are overjoyed that they are now a wonderful family of FOUR! Aven and Benjamin made their grand debut a month ago and they are absolutely precious. We are so thankful to the Lord for their arrival and so happy that Ellie has new friends!

Lainey {first birthday!}

Happy new year, friends! Lainey celebrated her first birthday as we all ushered in 2017. This gorgeous new year baby and her parents invited me to their home for an intimate photoshoot. Her parents prepared a beautiful backdrop, cute outfits, and awesome props. The birthday girl walked {!!!} around and explored while I happily trailed her and snapped away. Happy birthday sweet Lainey!