Hi. I'm Sonia.

A little bit about me: I am a freelance photographer but I also work as a registered nurse full-time {shout-out to all my fellow nurses out there!}. I also instagram like it's my business. Most of the time I take pictures of beautiful people. The rest of the time I take pictures of inanimate objects like food, which to me, is beautiful as well. I'm wife to David and mama to to my babies Ellie and Izzie. I live in New York City in a lovely little borough called Queens. I like to travel, meet new people, and eat new foods so please give me a holler if you're looking to ship me out to where you are. Pretty please? Yes.

Okay. Let's get back on track, back to more about me and photography. I shoot digital, Nikon, primes. My favorite light is--ding ding ding!--the sun. I prefer candids but can't stay away from cheesy posed shots and the ever so ubiquitous jump shot. Also! Fact: weddings are always good fun but engagement sessions are where I really get to mingle with a couple. Another fact: watching families grow makes me all warm inside. I love doing what I do because it's deeply rewarding. To capture a smile, a stray look, or a story in a single photograph--this is the stuff that keeps me here.

Please message me using by clicking on any of those badges below with any questions that you may have about anything. But, it would be helpful if they were pertinent to photography and the possibility of working together. If you insist on emailing to ask about the meaning of life, I promise I'll get back to you too.