I remember way back when I used to keep a {now defunct} blog about my travels in Costa Rica I used to write tons of lists. I guess it was a way to remember snippets of information about my experiences and the people that I had met. So here is an updated list of some of my late-night musings.

  1. Night shifts suck ass. Let no one convince you otherwise. You are essentially a vampire and God did not intend for humans to live as vampires.
  2. I love my niece so much that I have nightmares about bad things happening to her. I am assuming that this will exponentially multiply when I have my own kids. Oh dear me. On that note, I probably have enough material to start another blog aptly titled "Only Olivia" and I would probably update that blog more than this one.
  3. I am the worst at eating healthy. I buy healthy-ish groceries with a rough meal plan in my brain but then my husband and I {like how I did that? In marriage you share everything. Even blame.} decide that we deserve to have fried chicken and beer because we don't get to see each other due to #1 on this list.
  4. I'm really digging modern hymns. I find myself humming them at the hospital and on the train. Although this past week someone at work asked me if I was singing the Super Mario Bros theme song. Totally got caught off guard. I guess my humming needs some work.
  5. I'm learning new things about myself. Mainly that when I don't want to focus on important things I turn to {literally} superficial things to keep me distracted {e.g. make-up, hair, skin crap}. Instagram and Pinterest are also exceptional at keeping me diverted from any sort of daily goal for doing anything productive.
  6. I use my iphone camera more than any other actual camera that I own. I am ashamed to admit that I still have yet to finish a roll in my film camera. I'm almost scared to get it developed since I'm sure that half the pictures will be super underexposed and the others will be totally blown out.
  7. Bureaucracy anywhere destroys everything. I'm learning this in different arenas of life and I'm trying to not be jaded by it.
  8. It really is hard to make new friends as you get older. Either that or my husband is rubbing off on me and I'm becoming more introverted.
  9. I feel like I'm losing empathy. I don't know if it's simply a season that comes with the stress of my job or if I'm actually not as caring as I used to/could be. I find that journaling has been helpful since I'm forced to be more introspective. Perhaps it's because I'm even more selfish than I previously thought I was. And selfishness is ugly.
  10. Let's round out the list with a photograph since this is--for all intents and purposes--a photoblog. Here's my brother meeting and holding Oli for the first time. I love his smile here. And I miss him.