Happy new year!

I had the opportunity to take photos of a family that flew into New York all the way from California for the holidays. Despite the fact that both James and Sophia are under three and that there is a three hour time difference {from what I hear jetlag and children don't mix well?} their parents kept their cool and I managed to snap several photographs where the pair are actually smiling and facing the camera. Twas a Christmas miracle indeed! Sophia also recently turned one so of course mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa worked overtime to keep our gorgeous girl occupied and smiling throughout the dressing changes and numerous poses {sit! crawl! walk! do the monster mash!}. This was also the day that I learned that donuts are absolutely vital in keeping kids happy during a photoshoot. I loved capturing Sophia staring up at her big brother as James fed her pieces of his beloved glazed donut. Sweetness!