Charmainne + Deven {engaged!}

Most of you guys know that I'm a nurse full-time {photography is my side hustle}. Well, Charmainne and I go way back. You see...I started my nursing career with her on night shift on the same unit. She was there when I had to stick my first live patient with an IV {so much blood everywhere...}, we helped each other hang meds, answer call bells, change patients and give bed baths. So many memories! So when I found out that Charmainne and her main squeeze Deven were getting hitched I had to photograph these two lovebirds myself. We were joined by our friends Emma and Austin (also nurses!) and made a day of it at Planting Fields. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Ana+Sopeark {engaged}

My dear friends Ana and Sopeark are finally getting hitched after--ten--yes you heard me, I said TEN, years of dating. I would say that patience is a quality that they must share because they braved a super humid summer morning to take photos at Queens Botanical Garden. The couple kept their cool while we navigated through hoards of tai-chi practitioners, sword dancers (???), and swarms of mosquitos. Check out all the love and warmth in the photos below!