Ilana + Adrian {newborn twins!}

Welcome to the world sweet Ilana and Adrian! These beautiful babes were born to my friends Sarah and Brandon. I first met Sarah years ago during orientation at our first jobs out of nursing school. Even though we worked in different units we stayed in touch regularly. When I had a scare at work while pregnant with Ellie I got whisked up to L&D and Sarah's face was the first face that I saw and I just started to cry--Sarah exudes that warmth and care. So I was ecstatic to hear about her pregnancy and the news of TWINS! :) It was an honor and pleasure to meet her growing family and to take newborn photographs of the little darlings in the comfort and intimacy of their home. You guys are so blessed to have such awesome parents!

Michael {happy first birthday!}

Michael, Paul and Helen's darling son, turns one next month. And what better way to commemorate this milestone birthday than with a mini photoshoot?! This family rocked it with multiple outfit changes, a cake smash, and a last minute schedule change due to weather. It's always hard trying to get a baby to focus and look at the camera but mom and dad were skillful in keeping him occupied and giggling even when he was ever-so-slightly sleep deprived on an early Sunday morning. Happy birthday sweet boy!

Aven + Benjamin {newborn twins!}

Jane and Peter are dear, dear friends of ours and we are overjoyed that they are now a wonderful family of FOUR! Aven and Benjamin made their grand debut a month ago and they are absolutely precious. We are so thankful to the Lord for their arrival and so happy that Ellie has new friends!

Hello Eliana! {newborn}

Dave and I welcomed our daughter Eliana into the world just last week. Her name means "my God has answered" in Hebrew which we felt was especially appropriate given our struggle to conceive. Labor and delivery were smooth while breastfeeding has been a challenge. But we survived our first week as a family of three! Praise the Lord for this new addition to our family.